Arrival in Kolkata


After leaving Detroit at around 10pm on Wednesday, I finally arrived in Kolkata about 8:30am Friday morning (Jamshedpur does not have an international airport so Kolkata is about as close as you can get).  My other teammates arrived throughout the day though many of us with longer commutes needed some immediate downtime once we arrived at the hotel.    We haven’t yet ventured out into the city but the cab ride from the airport to the hotel was pretty eye-opening…



I imagine car-horn replacement must be a lucrative business here as this is just about the only thing you’ll hear.  It seems to be used more to let other drivers and pedestrians know you’re nearby or coming through, instead of the more aggressive “hey don’t cut me off jerk” that I’m familiar with.




Once settled in, many of us decided to grab a dinner at the hotel’s more traditional Indian restaurant.  This was really our first chance as a team to meet face to face and learn more about each other.  From left to right we represent Columbia, USA, Brazil, Hungary, USA, Canada, Switzerland, Germany, China, and Canada.




Above is the view from my hotel room overlooking the city.  We will only be here one night as our train from Jamshedpur will leave later today (Saturday).    Hopefully we will have more time to explore Kolkata on our last day when we return in October.

That’s all for now!…My next post will be from Jamshedpur :).   #ibmcsc india






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