Arrival in Jamshedpur

After a 4 hour train ride yesterday evening, we arrived at our hotel in Jamshedpur.  We have not yet had a chance to explore the city much but, I’ll give you a taste of the journey…



DSC00696 DSC00700

DSC00703 DSC00711

From our hotel in Kolkata we had a roughly 25 minute drive to the train station.  This was a nice opportunity to see other parts of Kolkata other than our hotel.  Michelle (Canada), Udaya (USA – Texas) and I shared a cab (picture above).




Once at the train station we were immediately greeted by porters who were quite eager to collect our bags and negotiate a fee to load them onto the train.





Above is a shot of our entire group including Sanjay (one of our logistics coordinators) and Mamtha (our IBM in-country advisor).

From left to right: Manju (Canada), Miguel Angel (Columbia), Sanjay, Szandra (Hungary), Mark (China), Udaya (USA – Texas), Yves (Switzerland/France), Jakob (Germany), Mamtha, Kim (USA – Florida), Carol (Brazil), me! and Michelle (Canada).




DSC00732 DSC00730

We arrived in Jamshedpur sometime after 10:30pm and were again quickly greeted by porters who were on the train collecting our bags before we could even get off.  After leaving the station it was pretty dark so I didn’t have too much luck with pictures.  A few shots of Tatanagar Railway Station are above.

Tomorrow we will get a chance to meet our clients face to face for the first time and discuss our projects in further detail.  More to come!


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