IBM/NGO Introductions and Presentations

On Monday we were finally able to meet our NGO clients in person.  The program began with small presentations from with each of the 4 organizations we’re working with (All India Women’s Conference, Kalamandir, School of Hope and Family Planning Association of India).

This was a very powerful moment for our team as each organization explained the impact they’ve been able to make with their cause as well as the hardships they face.  The passion these volunteers expressed for their work was truly inspiring.



[From Left to Right: Shekhar (Generix), Jakob (IBM Germany), Darren (IBM US), Mark (IBM China), Dr. Amit Mukherjee (FPAI), Shiv Kumar (FPAI) and Souvick (Generix)]

 The organization I’ll be working with is known as FPAI (Family Planning Association of India).  They support clinics all across India that specialize in family planning and reproductive health.  Our team will be working specifically with the Singhbum branch which is located outside of Jamshedpur.  This branch is unique however since it is the only medical facility in a 10km radius.  Starting last year, the Singhbum branch was enhanced to now include a MSH (Multi-Specialty Hospital) including departments for general medicine, surgery, orthopedics, and obstetrics/gynecology.  It is also equipped with two operation theaters for surgeries.  The diagnostic needs of patients are met through a pathology and radiology department. There is a pharmacy on the premises providing generic drugs that are much more affordable than in other medical shops.

While these new functions of the expanded clinic have offered real healthcare options to the surrounding area, the hospital is having difficulty keeping track of patients, budgets, assets and procurement.  Our team is tasked with creating a framework including specifications and recommendations for a centralized HIS (health information system).

On Tuesday we had an opportunity to visit the hospital…pictures to come!

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One thought on “IBM/NGO Introductions and Presentations

  1. Hi Darren, This is quite a challenging project you and your team are working on. You and your team will really feel great when you have it all worked out. Just think how many people will benefit healthwise from your efforts. Good luck. Mom and Dad

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