First Hospital Visit

On Tuesday we had our first opportunity to tour the Hospital!

We hopped on the main road and headed to the outskirts of the city.

DSC00872  DSC00878 DSC00882  DSC00885 DSC_0118  DSC_0125

After about a 15-20 minute drive we turned off the main road and entered a rural village.

DSC00796 DSC00797 DSC00798  DSC00799 DSC00800  DSC00801DSC_0042


We then were then guided through each of the hospital’s 3 floors…

DSC_0049 DSC00806DSC00809 DSC00811

Top Left: Pharmacy, Top Right: Doctor’s Examination Room, Bottom Left/Right: Dark Room for X-Ray Film Development

DSC00825 DSC00849 DSC00867 DSC00839 DSC00854 DSC00831DSC00830 DSC00834 DSC00868 DSC00845DSC00847

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2 thoughts on “First Hospital Visit

  1. I just figured out how to follow your trip so now I can see what you are up to Darren. Great reporting! If you ever leave the information processing industry, you can go to work for a news organization. Interesting seeing inside the hospital. Makes me glad I am living in the US although we now have two Ebola cases at a Dallas hospital.

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