1st Weekend Activities

On Saturday we toured the TATA Steel plant in Jamshedpur.  TATA Steel is the driving force behind the entire city and is the reason the city exists today.  Unfortunately no pictures of the actual steel making process were allowed but here are a few I can show:

IMAG0469 - Cropped DSC00967 DSC00961 IMAG0471

We also had a chance to tour the Center of Excellence.  Our tour guide walked us through the city’s history and achievements.  We were also introduced to the Auto Rickshaw (Tuk Tuk).  This is by far the most economical and convenient way to get around Jamshedpur.  At first it looks like a death trap that follows no traffic laws whatsoever, however after a few rides they appear to be relatively safe…

IMAG0466 - Cropped DSC00895 DSC00897 DSC00901 DSC00905 DSC00906 DSC00907 DSC00914 DSC00921

Later in the day we visited Jubilee Park.  The park was gifted to the city on the Golden Jubilee of the city’s establishment in 1958.

DSC00924 DSC00926 DSC00936 DSC00938

More Tuk Tuk pictures!

DSC00954 DSC00951 DSC00950 DSC00940

Tuk Tuk drivers seem to enjoy painting logos all over their vehicles.  I’m not sure if this encourages passengers to hail them though we were lucky enough to ride in the “SPORTS” edition Tuk Tuk that had hand painted Nike logos.

#ibmcsc india


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