2nd Weekend Activities

This past weekend we visited TATA Motors, the Tribal Culture Center, and also had a city tour which included Dimna Lake.


TATA Motors

Jamshedpur has a large TATA Motors plant which produces commercial and armored vehicles.  We had a guided tour through all phases of the assembly line but again were unable to take photos (with the exception of the test track).  TATA Motors acquired Jaguar/Land Rover from Ford in 2008.

DSC01050  IMAG0520DSC01062 DSC01061


Tribal Culture Center

The Tribal Culture center was established to preserve and rejuvenate the indigenous culture of the tribal people in the area.  Aside from helping keep tribal  traditions alive, the center works to encourage and assist tribal populations to integrate with modern society. 


DSC01089 DSC01092 DSC01083 DSC01081 DSC01075 DSC01071 DSC01068 DSC01095 DSC01097 DSC01102



City Tour

Later on Sunday we spent a few hours driving around new areas of the city.  Dimna Lake was definitely my favorite….

I also took a couple videos to give you a sense of the area.


DSC01106 DSC01114 DSC01132 DSC01126 DSC01138 DSC01144 DSC01155 DSC01161 DSC01165 DSC01168 DSC01170 DSC01171 DSC01175  DSC01192 DSC01193

DSC01189 DSC01206


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2 thoughts on “2nd Weekend Activities

  1. LOVE your reporting & photos! It’s truly wonderful to sit in my comfy chair–with a warm, fuzzy doggie in my lap–& view the world through your eyes! Thank you for sharing!

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